Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Health and Safety App

Technology has truly transformed the health and safety ecosystem. There is plenty of health and safety app have come in the market, which with each guaranteeing excellent results, which can customize your specific business needs is a best one for you. In this context, we also developed and designed a health and safety app to help small and medium-sized organizations. It is an automated multi-operational app, which provides the best solutions to overcome workplace health and safety risks.

The dashboard of the app is easy to use and understand. It helps you to fill timesheets, sending photos to the office, sending in reorder forms. The admin control panel of this app manages subscription plans, staff, contacts, and forms filled by your staff. It also gives the update to you about your subscription plans expiry date and about new plans. It also provides job registration facilities to everyone. After job registration, you can easily see all job details that have been entered about the job.  

Timesheets are one of the amazing features of our health and safety app. Timesheets are an easy alternative than a paper trail. Timesheets are simple to follow and fill out and also give you a section to fill in your description so your manager can see what you have done for the day, Timesheets are sent in real time back to the office.

It also offers photo uploading facilities to keep your manager/owner informed of the progress on site. These photos are automatically saved in the folders so you can always keep track of your photos on the job you are registered to. Orders are another prestigious feature of our health and safety app. It’s easy and simple to follow, just fill in the reorder box and send it through. We invite you to visit on our website and choose a 15days free trial plan to give a better view of your business.

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